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Snapshots from 1937

Picture 1 Harold W Sonn, N. Harrel Strickland and Robert L Layburn (all members of the class of 1939) on a class trip up the Hudson River to West Point.

Picture 2 Boy members of the class of 1939 (taken in 1937): Henrik Hansen, Ray Farrington, Percy Milliken, Ed Hunter, Art Lovelace, Dan Freeman, Bob Layburn (among others).

Picture 3 Mr. Smith, High School Math teacher (1938).

Picture 4 MHS (Franklin School).

Picture 5 George Dietz (1939) singing, music teacher at the piano, Frank Heller and Ernie Whitman watching.

Picture 6 MHS Football practice 1937.

Picture 7 1937 picture of World War memorial.

Picture 8 Girl members of the class of 1939 (taken in 1937): Jeanette Hutchinson, Alma Hokinson, Betty Drake (among others).

Picture 9 Boro Hall 1937.

Picture 10 Edison Tower 1937.

Picture 11 Inside the Edison Tower 1937.

Thanks to R.E. Layburn


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